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Handmade bespoke hardwood furniture
_ embracing lifes natural twists and knots, creating an individual, contempory style 

This Saw-Mill at under £5,000

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We have now started felling and converting a large number of fully mature local Oak trees for selling to customers throughout the UK, but preferably within our area of  South West England.

Prices for Green Oak beams and boards are calculated on volume and average £35-40 per cubic foot ( roughly £1400 per cubic meter), depending on the cutting list and size of order.

In addition to the supply of green oak, we are able to perform a variety of wood machining and forestry services such as band-sawn curves, planing and thicknessing, timber framing and mobile saw-milling.

Kenyon Global Ltd., trading as Eco-log-jiggle Sawmill, is also a UK sales agent for the 'Turbo-Saw' from New-Zealand. This is a unique and portable saw-mill that we are currently trialing prior to the imminent launch on the European market. The Weekend Warrior is an awesome piece of kit. Check out the videos on you tube at .

Eco-log-jiggle sawmill and 'Turbo-Saw' sales are trading names of Kenyon Global Ltd. Company no. 7581084

Phone Matt on 07715457759